Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads! We need science!

My research interests are broad and encompass a diversity of taxa and ecosystems. However, many revolve around a central theme in understanding the impact of human activities, intentional and unintentional, on species and biotic communities. Through my research I hope to shed light on solutions to the negative anthropogenic effects we have on Nature. I hope to achieve this by adhering to the scientific method, employing ecological statistics and by developing a better understanding of species life histories and ecological communities. However, I also recognize that the majority of our environmental problems arise due to a conflict of value systems among cultures, societies, and individuals. To this end I recognize that science represents only one perspective in a multi-perspectival world and it alone will not provide a sustainable solution to the environmental crises we face. More recently I have adopted methods from the developing field of Integral Ecology to provide a framework to address the role that science should play in addressing our environmental problems, including endangered species recovery and habitat management, and incorporate properly weighted information into decision analysis models.