Nature is rich with narratives. Let me share some with you.

Nature is a never-ending source of fascinating narratives. I find sharing and connecting with others through these narratives to be one of the great joys in my life. If you are interested in having me present on my past research projects or on one of the topics below at conference, summit, or meeting (e.g. Audubon, ornithological society, etc.) please feel free to contact me.


The Butterfly Cults of Papua New Guinea

This talk explores the intersection of cultures and conservation in the most biologically and culturally diverse island nation in the world, Papua New Guinea.

The Queen and I: Conservation of the World's Largest Butterfly

The Queen Alexandra's Birdwing Butterfly is the world's largest butterfly with some female wingspans approaching 15". In this talk I explore the life history of this spectacular species, its conservation status, and the many interesting and unique cultures and personalities involved in the conservation of this species.

Conservation of Pacific Northwest Prairie Butterflies

Several species of prairie butterflies in the Pacific Northwest are classified as endangered or threatened at the federal and state levels. In this talk I explore the the challenges and success stories in conserving butterflies in the birthplace of the insect conservation movement.

Is Birding Bad for Birds? The Impacts of Recreational Birding on Birds

Birdwatching is one of the fastest growing outdoor recreational activities in the United States. Here I explore scientific evidence documenting impacts of birders on birds and reflect on the philosophical and ethical questions that arise in the interactions between those who love birds and the feathered forms of life that provide them so much joy.

Shifting Tides: Conservation of Tidal Flat Bird Communities in South Korea

Unprecedented reclamation of estuarine and tidal flat habitats have dramatically reshaped the coastline of South Korea over the past half-century. As a result a number of avian species dependent on these habitats have declined dramatically during the same time period. These include charismatic at-risk species such as Black-faced Spoonbill, Chinese Egret, Saunder's Gull, and Great Knot. In this talk I explore the history behind these reclamation activities, the scale of their impacts, and the future for the species dependent on these habitats.

Birding and Bird Conservation on the Korean Peninsula

In this talk I explore the remarkable avian diversity and the challenges of bird conservation on the Korean Peninsula.